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How I Reply to 1,000+ Emails a Day

Emails can be a real bummer.  Replying to emails to get them out of the way can be even worse.  But what’s even worse than replying to those emails?  Letting them pile up in your inbox into the thousands.  It’s never good to leave anything left unsaid, especially in an outreach campaign that has you […]

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We Analyzed The Top 1 Million Domains on Ahrefs & Majestic

Here’s what we learned. Over the past 3 years I’ve spent a great deal of time in two SEO tools: Ahrefs and Majestic. Both of these tools are used among our team for analyzing and vetting websites as part of our prospecting process. We rely heavily on Ahrefs’ Domain Rating and Majestic’s Trust/Citation Flow in […]

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