We get you the links you can't buy.

We deliver proven, scalable PR outreach campaigns with a focus on earning placements (and links) that drive qualified traffic to your website.

You won't find these links on any of those lists you get emailed. 45 opportunities, for less than $2,000 a month.

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Relevant Audiences

Our process starts first and foremost with matching press opportunities based on relevant audiences. We align every campaign opportunity with your business and goals.

Popular Publications

We focus on placements that have the potential to earn clicks and send qualified traffic to your website. Our requirements vary based on niche, but you can rest assured we qualify every placement based on traffic.

Trusted Authors

These aren't pop-up blogs and fly by night websites. We maintain a blacklist with hundreds of thousands of sites to ensure we are only delivering trusted placements.

We Do Things Differently

Our process has been designed to scale press mentions (and links) sustainably,
with a primary focus on driving qualified traffic.

Instead of securing your placements, and then reporting on them - where you have zero control over the sites you're getting links from, all new link opportunities are presented to you for approval.

Every opportunity goes through our rigorous qualification process, which includes direct contact with the website, negotiation, and then presentation to you for final approval.

What Qualifies as an Opportunity?

In order for a placement to qualify as an "opportunity" it must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • It's above your minimum metrics for trust, authority, relevance, and traffic.

  • It's been manually reviewed by a well-training PR Specialist.

  • A Launchpad PR Outreach Specialist has established contact with the website owner or manager.

  • The website has agreed to feature or include the placement.

All opportunities are then presented for immediate approval, including:

  • Domain Name

  • Monthly Organic Traffic (via SEMRush)

  • Domain Rating (via Ahrefs)

  • Topical Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow (via Majestic)

  • Content requirements and cost (if applicable)

  • Admin or publishing fees (if applicable)

Our Approach

Done for you outreach to increase traffic and revenue.

We design and test specific keyword patterns and footprints to laser focus on publications relevant to your target audience.

We have a rigorous manual review process, where our quality raters run through a comprehensive checklist to ensure every site we pitch meets or exceeds all quality checks.

Our team of expert publicist's craft a compelling pitch, customized for each publication target.

Our publicist's go to work negotiating the terms, placement, and (when needed) the sponsorship cost to land your linked mention.

Your campaign manager follows up with all finalized opportunities, keeping you up to date within your dedicated live report.


of Websites Pass


of Websites Qualify


of Websites Respond


of Websites Agree


of Websites Publish

5 stars. A very unique model (pay per opportunity instead of per placement) with competitive pricing. I'm VERY impressed with the team and the opportunities that have been presented.

Brett Greenbaum
Senior Marketing Manager, Tipalti

Our Launchpad team are incredibly talented folks and have helped us improve our SEO rankings (and resulting traffic) for most of the keywords we care about. But, they also leverage a very methodical process to creating content within an optimized architecture that has helped us prioritize our workload to maximum effect.

Dean Nicolls
VP of Global Marketing, Jumio

Launchpad has been taking care of the link building for Sandals.com for years now. The team found an effective and affordable way to consistently get new relevant referrals from top bloggers and publishers. The Launchpad team takes the work out of my hands and keeps me posted along the way.

Wesley van der Hoop
Head of SEO, Sandals Resorts


We start by designing and testing patterns to identify websites that are an ideal match based on content relevance and audience. Websites that pass our initial relevance filtering, are then put through a metric based review where we verify all sites meet the minimum authority requirements for the campaign. Lastly, our expert publicists manually review each website for quality, reach, and audience relevance.

The average Digital PR Agency handles execution in one of 2 ways: 1. You pay your monthly retainer, and they pitch every media outlet and publication possible, and then at the end of the month report on every placement. 2. They land as many placements as they've promised, and send you a bill for the cost/placement at the end of the month. With Launchpad PR we present every placement opportunity to you FIRST, for you to approve or deny based on performance, traffic potential, and cost. This keeps us directly aligned with our client's best interests.

We charge a flat rate of $200/hour, guarantee 1.5 opportunities/hour, and require a minimum engagement of 30 opportunities. Each of our campaign sprints is 90 days, but opportunities will be loaded into your real-time reporting dashboard as they come in. We guarantee 100% of opportunities to be delivered prior to end of the campaign.

Yes you can. Every single opportunity will be presented to you as it comes in. You can approve or deny each placement. Approved placements will be contacted for publication, and denied opportunities will be replaced 1x each.

We guarantee delivery of 100% of your campaign opportunities at the end of the 90 day campaign sprint.